Welcome to Photonics North 2023

Dear colleagues,

On behalf of the Photonics North Conference Steering Committee, we welcome you to the 2023 conference. 

The conference aims at strengthening the connections between theory and application and building stronger ties between university research and industry needs. We are pleased to have leading researchers share the outcomes of their work and exhibitors from industry present the products and services.

We are also delighted to be joined by students who have chosen photonics as their career path. We invite you to seize the opportunity to develop your network with the photonics research community and industry.

Finally, we wish to convey our gratitude to Dr Luca Razzari and Dr Ebrahim Karimi who have done an outstanding job as Program Co-Chairs. Thank you also to the partners, supporters, session chairs and the many volunteers, without you the conference would not be possible.

Enjoy the conference.

Conference Chairs

Gord Harling                                                      
President and CEO, CMC Microsystems       

P. Scott Carney
The Institute of Optics, University of Rochester​                                    

Scientific Program Chairs

Luca  Razzari                                                         
INRS-EMT, Montréal, Canada                              

Ebrahim Karimi                                                         
University of Ottawa, Canada

For more information, please contact the Photonics North 2023 Secretariat.

The Organizing Committee