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Award Winners

Congratulations to all PN2024 award winning students !

PN2024 Best Student Oral Presentation Awards
1st PlaceAndreea

Andreea Aura Paraipan
INRS – Université du Québec
Spectral characterization of a terahertz vortex beam generated via a two-photon lithography printed spiral phase plate

2nd Place

SarahSarah Odinotski
Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo
Broadband Metamaterial-Based Photodetectors for Bio-Imaging Applications




3rd Place

Benjamin Ecclestone
University of Waterloo
Rapid Label-Free Histology with Photon Absorption Remote Sensing Microscopy

PN2024 Best Poster Awards

Shilong Liu
Polytechnique de MontréalPoster Awards
Experimental realization of the fractional nonlinear Schrödinger equation in optics: Insight into the spectral bifurcation

Celine Mazoukh
INRS – Université du Québec
Smart Microcomb Generation via Optimization Algorithms